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Structure Fire at 3060 E. Whileaway Circle
Monday, January 28, 2013

Colorado Springs, CO Colorado Springs Fire Department firefighters were dispatched to a reported structure fire located at 3060 E. Whileaway Circle at 4:40pm on January 24, 2013. As fire units were responding, the column of smoke was visible and crews called a working structure fire. The first CSFD engine arrived within four minutes to see heavy smoke and flames coming from the front and back of the home. The main body of the fire was knocked down within ten minutes of firefighters being on scene.

CSFD responded to this call with two fire engines, two fire trucks, the hazmat unit, heavy rescue unit and four support apparatus. There were 32 firefighters on scene working to put out the fire. No injuries to civilians or firefighters were reported. The family was not home at the time the fire broke out. Neighbors heard smoke alarms sounding and saw smoke coming from the home and called 911.

Fire investigators have determined this fire to be accidental caused by careless smoking. They found the fire started outside on the backside of the home. The family of five (two adults and three children) living in the home will be displaced. The American Red Crossand CSFD’s After the Fire Program representatives are working with the family.  The property/content loss is estimated at $171,296 and the property/content saved is estimated at $68,514.

The CSFD wants to remind our community that smoking is the number one cause of home fire deaths in the United States. About 1,000 people are killed every year in their homes by fires caused by cigarettes and other smoking materials. These fires could easily be prevented with just a few simple steps.

  • If you or someone in your family smokes, Put It Out. All the Way. Every Time.
  • Smoking fires are especially dangerous since the victims are closer to the source of the fire, thus they are harder to save.
  • Most smoking fires start on beds, furniture, or in trash. Many smoking related fire deaths are caused by the victim falling asleep while smoking.
  • According to the USFA, 25% of people killed in smoking related fires are not the actual smokers themselves; 34% of these victims were the children of the smokers; and 25% were neighbors or friends of the smokers.

 These fires can be prevented by taking a few simple measures such as:

  • Using ashtrays with a wide and stable base. If it wobbles, it won’t work.
  • If you do smoke, smoke outside but NEVER put your cigarette out in dried flower pots or shrubs.
  • Put out cigarettes in an ashtray or can filled with sand.
  • Check for cigarette butts under sofa cushions and on and behind furniture.
  • Never smoke in a home where oxygen is used.
  • Use fire-safe cigarettes that are less likely to cause fires.
  • Make sure your cigarette is fully out, especially if you are drowsy due to medicine or alcohol.
  • The most important thing to remember is to make sure the cigarette is fully extinguished.
  • Run ashes and butts under water before throwing them away.
  •  Put It Out. All the Way. Every Time.