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Domestic Violence/Kidnapping Arrest

Friday, January 18, 2013 4:00 PM [RELEASE AT WILL]


At 1:53 this morning, the Colorado Springs Police Department was sent to the 2300 block of San Marcos to investigate a kidnapping. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the resident who stated a female crawled into her backyard and said that she had been attacked. The girl was naked and bleeding.

The Domestic Violence Unit was contacted to assist with the investigation. The investigation revealed the victim was kidnapped by her former boyfriend, Michael Rivera DOB 5-18-88. The victim was taken at gunpoint from the parking area of the Clarion Motel located near 314 West Bijou St. and brought to a residence at the 2300 block of Sonoma drive where he hit her in the head multiple times with his fist and a gun.

The suspect said he was going to kill her and then forced her to undress and get in the shower. The suspect left the bathroom briefly which allowed the victim time to climb out the bathroom window and run to a nearby house for assistance.

This is the second time the suspect has done this to the victim. The DV Unit has a current case where the suspect kidnapped and hit the victim with a gun in October of 2012.  A warrant was completed for him at that time and he has been wanted ever since. A second warrant for Kidnapping was completed for his arrest in this case.


Rivera was considered armed and dangerous.  Our Tactical Enforcement Unit located Rivera this afternoon.  Doherty High School and Carver Elementary schools were placed on lockdown until Rivera was taken into custody.