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Drake Task Force Volunteers to be Recommended

On Tuesday, Jan. 22, Colorado Springs City Council will hear formal recommendations for the nine-member volunteer citizen Martin Drake Task Force from Lisa Czelatdko and Brandy Williams, Utilities Board members and Task Force co-leads.

The Task Force’s main role is to function as the recommending body for the development of a Request for Proposal for a comprehensive study of the Martin Drake Power Plant to address whether the plant will remain or be decommissioned and have its power replaced.

Key responsibilities of the Task Force include:

  • Participate in Task Force meetings as an informed, objective and constructive member.
  • Contribute to the development of the study, including objectives and scope of work.
  • Agree to a communication process to ensure that individual citizen-participants are not speaking on behalf of the Task Force.

      Nearly 100 citizens submitted applications in December 2012 to volunteer to serve on the Task Force. The selection criteria for the Task Force included:

  • No conflicts of interest.
  • The ability to be objective in assessing the various impacts of the project.
  • Some interest and/or awareness of power generation facilities and replacement power alternatives, and planning and procurement processes.
  • An understanding of rate payer and community issues and impacts.
  • A familiarity with financial and economic analysis and impacts.
  • Current resident of the greater Colorado Springs area and a CSU rate payer for at least five years.
  • Diversity of background, experience, education and community involvement.

      Navigant Consulting, Inc. has been retained to facilitate the Task Force process. The Task Force will provide the finalized consultant recommendation to the Utilities Board in early April. The Utilities Board will then commission the consultant to perform the study, with results expected by year end 2013.