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City's 2011 Greenhouse Gas Inventory
Saturday, September 01, 2012

33 tons of co2 were emitted per employee in 2011
Average City Emissions Per Employee

The City’s 2011 inventory of the organization’s green house gases continues a trend that mirrors service levels, rising from a low in 2010. The 2011 74,700 metric tons of green house emissions  are  equivalent to the amount of energy used by 3,844 homes annually, the sequestration capacity of 61 acres of conifer forest per year, or 321 railcars of coal.In 2011, the City was still well below its 2007 baseline - a year that well represents business levels before the recession’s economic impact. One of areas largely responsible for lowering the City’s emissions during this time was the darkening of streetlights, which account for about 20 percent of the City’s total emissions. Though not required by industry protocols, the City also tracks its emissions from employee commuting (fuel use) and trash disposal (gasses produced by the landfill), which each make up about 7 perc ent. Perhaps the most relevant year-to-year comparison is the average carbon footprint per employee, which may best capture operational reductions.