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Colorado Springs streetlights are back on!
Monday, December 10, 2012

Mayor to flip the switch on final light Monday

Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach will flip the switch to turn on the last streetlight on Monday, December 10 at 5 p.m. at the northwest corner of Academy Blvd. and Constitution Ave.  (Media note: Park in the Security Service Credit Union Parking lot.)

The process to turn on all of the lights began on October 1 and the approximately 3500 remaining dark streetlights are now on.*

Mayor Bach says, “Restoring the remaining 3500 streetlights is one of the key community benefits in the City’s 2013 budget.  With additional savings from 2012, we are glad to be able to restore this service to the citizens before the New Year.”

“Streetlights are an important function in any urban environment to help provide better visibility and increase safety for drivers and pedestrians traveling at night,” says Transportation Manager Kathleen Krager.

The City turned off approximately 8,000 streetlights in 2009 as a cost-saving measure.   All residential streetlights were turned back on in 2010. Now, all remaining arterial lights are back on.  Budget savings from 2012, including salary savings from not filling vacant positions, helped fund the $150,000 needed to turn the lights back on.  The electric cost to keep the remaining 3,500 lights on will be approximately $100,000 annually. 

*Note: All working lights are back on.  Due to copper wire theft or other maintenance issues, the public may notice places where some lights are still dark. City of Colorado Springs and Colorado Springs Utilities Crews are working hard to repair the remaining lights and find ways to prevent copper wire theft from occurring.

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