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Horticultural Arts Society Demonstration Garden at Memorial Valley Park receives All-America Selections national award
Wednesday, November 28, 2012

zuchinis and flowers
Winners Through the Decades HAS Garden

A renaissance is occurring at the more than 50-year old Demonstration Garden at Monument Valley Park as evidenced by a first place landscape design award from All-America Selections (AAS), a non-profit that promotes plants that work well across the country. In last summer’s garden, Horticultural Arts Society Gardener Peg Kohl concentrated on a "Winners Through the Decades" theme demonstrating an integrated vegetable garden. She selected tried, true and tested home garden plants including greens and cucumbers that were AAS winners in the 30s; tomatoes and radishes from the 40s; radishes, lettuce, and zucchini and beans from the 50s; squash and peas from the 70s; beans, herbs and peas from the 90s; and a slew of other varieties such as melons, carrots, eggplant, peas, squash, tomatoes and peppers from the 2000s. The Horticultural Arts Society, a 501C3 and the City’s oldest partner organization, supports the garden, including funding for Peg Kohl’s position, improvements and the coordination of volunteer staff.