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Colorado Springs Fire Departments SafetyFactor2 - Awarded Program of the Year
Monday, November 19, 2012

 Colorado Springs, CO – The Colorado Spring Fire Department is pleased to announce that the Community Services section has won the Fire and Life Safety Educators of Colorado’s “2012 Program of the Year” award for SafetyFactor². This program is the injury prevention and safety program designed for 2ndgrade students. While fire safety skills are important, children in this age group are also prone to preventable accidents and injury. The program teaches 2ndgraders a skill set in preventing injuries from falls, bicycling, sports, burns and household hazards. Students are empowered with the knowledge to prevent these accidents from occurring as well as the tools to take charge of an emergency situation by activating 9-1-1 and assisting themselves and their families.Thanks to a generous donation from Oracle, the SafetyFactor² program was developed and presented to over 3,200 2ndgrade students in Colorado Springs during the 2011/12 school year.

“I could not be more proud and ask our community to join me in congratulating Fire and Life Safety Educators Jane Zook, Brianna Goodwin and Public Communications Supervisor Sunny Smaldino in achieving this exceptional and prestigious award. The staff has worked hard to provide excellent programs to the community and this is yet another example of the dedication and hard work they do everyday” said Fire Marshal Brett Lacey.