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Council President Goes the Extra Mile
Thursday, November 01, 2012

Council President Scott Hente has declared Nov. 1, 2012, “Extra Mile Day” in honor of Extra Mile America Foundation’s mission to create 300 Extra Mile cities in America.

Extra Mile day began in 2009 when non-bicyclist Shawn Anderson, now executive director of Extra Mile America, a nonprofit organization that empowers individuals, organizations and cities to “go the extra mile, rode 4,000 miles across the United States to interview 200 people who either accomplished something unique or overcame a major tragedy.

Since then, an annual “Extra Mile Day” was established. This year’s day will include city leaders from Honolulu to Colorado Springs to Boston.

“Going the extra mile is doing more than the normal...more than expected. Going the extra mile is getting back up after we’ve been knocked down…despite whatever has happened,” stated Anderson on the Extra Mile America website, “Going the extra mile is where change starts.”

In his proclamation, Council President Hente stated that Colorado Springs is a community which encourages its citizens to maximize their personal contribution by giving of themselves wholeheartedly and with total effort, commitment, and conviction to their individual ambitions, family and friends; and a community which chooses to celebrate individuals and organizations who “go the extra mile” in order to make a difference and lift up fellow community members.

“I urge each individual to take time on this day to not only ‘go the extra mile’ in his or her own life, but to also acknowledge all those around who are inspirational in their efforts and commitment to make their organizations, families, community, country or world a better place,” stated Scott Hente, council president.