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Friends of Garden of the Gods donate $20,000 for Camp Creek mitigation project
Wednesday, October 31, 2012

            Friends of Garden of the Gods, an all-volunteer non-profit, has donated $20,000 to assist with a debris and invasive tree removal project in Camp Creek, which runs through Garden of the Gods and Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site.

            “This work is very important,” says City Forester Paul Smith.  “Camp Creek was identified by the Army Corps of Engineers as a target area that needs work to help prevent debris jams and flooding following the Waldo Canyon Fire.  We want to do our part to make sure water flows through smoothly to protect Garden of the Gods and those downstream.”

            The project will include three phases, and will begin around the first week of November. The first phase will be stormwater debris cleanup, including debris washed from the Waldo Canyon Fire burn scar and loose objects in the creek bed, such as stumps and tree limbs that would impede water movement downstream.  Secondly, all non-native invasive wood species will be removed from the creek area.  Invasive species such as New Mexican locust can act as an entanglement to debris, which could cause flooding.  Also, removing invasive species is an ongoing effort in the maintenance of Garden of the Gods Park. The third and final phase will take place in spring 2013, and includes spraying the area to prevent the re-growth of invasive species.   All of these steps are important in keeping water flowing during a storm event.

            Friends of Garden of the Gods is funding phases two and three of the project.

            “This project is very consistent with our mission of protecting the Garden of the Gods Park,” says John Demmon, President, Friends of Garden of the Gods Board of Directors. “We want to continue to do all we can to preserve and enhance the natural and historic assets of the Garden of the Gods for residents and visitors.”

            Friends of Garden of the Gods partners with the City of Colorado Springs to help ensure the Garden of the Gods remains cared for and beautiful for future generations to come.