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Colorado Springs Fire Department pilots idle reduction technology

Fire Truck #1

Fire Truck #1 is looking good. Not only has it been refurbished to like-new condition—at nearly 1/3 of the cost of purchasing a new one—it has also added idle-reduction technology from Green Star! A new ladder truck would cost the City of Colorado Springs approximately $750,000. By refurbishing the apparatus, utilizing department personnel and specialty vendors, the cost to give this piece of equipment a new lease on life was $265,090, a 64.7% savings.  Truck #1 is the first refurbished CSFD apparatus to have the Green Star Technology installed to save on fuel costs, reduce emissions while idling, reduces maintenance cost and to extend the life of the apparatus. This is the second Green Star apparatus in the departments’ fleet. CSFD has refurbished 8 apparatus over the past 5 years, saving the community over $1.7 million.