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$100,000 Reward

Thursday, September 20, 2012, 4:30 PM [RELEASE AT WILL]

An anonymous donor has contacted the Colorado Springs Police Department to graciously offer a $100,000reward.

While it is important to note that investigators have yet to determine if the fire was intentional or accidental, this reward is for anyone who provides information that leads to the identification and arrest {if applicable} of the person{s} responsible for causing the Waldo Canyon Fire.

Crime Stoppers will be overseeing the monies.

The Colorado Springs Police Department is imploring anyone having suspect information to please call 719.385.2222.  This is the only number to call to receive a reward up to $100,000.  You will be required to leave your name and contact number. 

An investigator will follow-up with each person who leaves a message.

Special Note:  Please do NOT confuse this with a reward for suspect information as it relates to evacuees becoming victims of home and vehicle burglaries.  This is a separate reward.