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City Clerk Public hearing for Council Redistricting
Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The City of Colorado Springs City Clerk, Sarah Johnson, will host a public hearing on the preliminary redistricting plan at the Hillside Community Center (925 South Institute) on Saturday, October 13 from 9 a.m. to noon. 

The City of Colorado Springs City Charter and City Code require that the City Clerk redistrict City Council districts every four years. 

Following is the timeline for the 2012 redistricting process pursuant to section 2-10(b) of the Charter and Sections 5.1.401, 5.1.402 and 5.1.403 of the City Code.  City Code Sections 5.1.401, 5.1.402 and 5.1.403 succinctly outline the process for the City Clerk to follow.  Council themselves passed these Code Sections in 2001 and created a process that deliberately does not include Council involvement in the redistricting.

Date                                                          Action                                                                   

9/24 (Morning of)                                      Publicly release Preliminary 2012 Redistricting Map

10/13 (Saturday Morning)                         Hold Public Hearing on Preliminary 2012 Redistricting


11/13 (Morning of)                                     Publicly release Final 2012 Redistricting Report

This timeline complies with the City Charter and City Code, and also the City Clerk's Office past precedent on the redistricting process.  

Redistricting is required to ensure that districts are contiguous and equal in population.