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Arts Walk with Mayor Bach
Monday, September 17, 2012

Please join Mayor Bach and Concrete Couch on Wednesday, September 19, 5 - 6 p.m. on an arts walk around downtown starting at the City Administration Building (30 S Nevada Avenue) During this particular walk, we will visit the Century Link mosaic, the City Rock art bench, the murals in the bus station, pass through Acacia Park, and walk down the "Arts Alleyway District" in back of the Mountain Chalet, Terra Verde, Jose Muldoon's (the last SCAMP project, the mural on the city parking garage). We will continue down to Brett and Lauren's MODBO and SPQR Gallery (I have attached a map for the walk)

This walk will highlight the value of these projects spearheaded by the City’s Sustainability and Innovation Department. “A vibrant arts and cultural city will drive Colorado Springs to be a successful city where people love to live, work and vacation,” said Mayor Bach. Concrete Couch's goal is to have a fun experience, and celebrate our creative community. It facilitates mural, sculpture, performance programs and other creative endeavors, by working collaboratively with schools, community centers, and government groups. These programs have saved graffiti removal and maintenance of park structures costs.

This event is presented by the City Of Colorado Springs, COPPeR and Pikes Peak Arts Council. For more information and to learn more about public art in Colorado Springs visit

Join us for the last 2012 Arts Walk with Mayor Steve Bach.

Click here to view map.