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Local family adopts a waterway in honor of mom's 80th birthday

Approximately 40 family members will perform clean-up on Friday, August 14

The Shoptaugh family has lived in Colorado Springs since 1962 and has always been involved in various community activities. For their matriarch?s 80th birthday, the family wanted to do something special to honor her. So in keeping with their commitment to community service, the family decided to participate in the Stormwater Enterprise?s Adopt-A-Waterway program and adopt the 31st Street drainage channel in honor of Joey (pronounced Joy) Shoptaugh?s 80th birthday.

All 10 of Joey?s children plus 26 grandchildren will be in town this weekend to celebrate her birthday and do their first clean-up of the 31st Street channel on Friday, August 14, starting at 3:30 p.m. The family will meet at Howbert Elementary School (1023 N. 31st St., see map).

Note to Media: The family will accommodate any interested media who would like to cover this unique event. The main family contact is Frank Shoptaugh at 641-9332.

About the Adopt-A-Waterway Program

The City of Colorado Springs Stormwater Enterprise encourages local businesses, civil and professional organizations, environmental groups, academic institutions, neighborhood groups, and other community-minded organizations to formally Adopt-A-Waterway for the purpose of protecting and improving water quality.

As an adopting organization, groups are asked to participate in two cleanups a year and maintain the adopted waterway for a minimum of two years. The City of Colorado Springs will recognize adopting groups by providing signage for the adopted waterway. The City also provides trash bags, trash pick up, safety vests (if needed), and other support necessary to adopting groups.


Howbert Elementary, 1023 N. 31st. Street