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City, Partners Kick Off Multimillion Dollar Stormwater Project

FEMA Grant will Mitigate Erosion, Potential Facility Damage Concerns along Cottonwood Creek 

Over the years, stormwater runoff in Cottonwood Creek has eroded its channel banks near property owned by Qwest Corporation and Current USA Inc. To ensure the long-term structural integrity of the creek, and to protect adjacent public and private property, such as the two companies? properties and assets, the Stormwater Enterprise, in conjunction with Qwest and Current, was awarded a $3 million Federal Emergency Management Agency Pre-Disaster Mitigation grant.

The grant will fund improvements underway near the area where Cottonwood Creek meets Monument Creek. To cover the total project budget of $4.32 million, each participant contributed approximately $440,000.

Ultimately, the improvements will redirect the creek?s channel flow and stop bank erosion; control storm water flow and velocity in the channel; and stabilize the channel banks to protect adjacent property and buildings, including the Qwest Pikeview Central Office.

The project will also evaluate the remaining sections of Cottonwood Creek upstream to Academy Boulevard and build a missing portion of the future trail planned for the Cottonwood Creek corridor.

Media are invited to attend a media opportunity with Councilmember Scott Hente who will officially recognize Qwest and Current for their partnership in these stormwater improvements on Wednesday, Aug. 5, at 10 a.m. behind the Current facility (see directions and a map in separate attachment). At this time, media may also tour the project site and conduct interviews with representatives from the Stormwater Enterprise, Qwest and Current.