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Pothole filling response time improves from 20.5 days in 2010 to 3.3 days this year

Got Pothole? Call 385-ROAD

Thanks in part to an additional $390,000 allocated by City Council in March, along with process changes in the way potholes are reported and filled, the City of Colorado Springs Streets Division was able to improve its pothole filling response time from 20.5 days in 2010 to 3.3 days during this year's peak pothole season in May and June. 

"These improvements in service delivery were made possible by the additional funding by City Council and the Streets Division's commitment to providing the best service possible by examining all aspects of its operations and making improvements.  The goal was to improve turnaround time by 35 percent and they improved the response time by approximately 80 percent," says Nick Kittle, Public Works Team Leader.

The Streets Division changed the way potholes were reported and routed, changed the number from 385-6808 to 385-ROAD to simplify reporting, and streamlined the process in the field to get the potholes filled more efficiently.  Additional improvements included expanding publicity efforts through, Twitter, the City's citizen request app for the iPhone, "Got Pothole" signage to encourage visibility, and giveaway contests with LED streetlights to improve reporting from our citizens.  Other changes included having temporary staffing available to handle pothole reports, and the addition of one truck to address the needs in the field.

The number of potholes reported by the public increased from 60 percent in 2010 to 70 percent in 2011, which could indicate an improvement in reporting from the public - something the City has been trying to improve.

5,478 potholes were filled in May and June 2010.  This year, 4,992 were filled, which is down and speaks to a mild winter and spring that caused less damage to the city's roadways.           

For more information, please call Nick Kittle at 385-6609.


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