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Public Art Commission - Minutes     
Tuesday, September 18, 2012



d.b.a. Public Art Commission of the Pikes Peak Region

Meeting Minutes

September 18, 2012

Pikes Peak Conference Room, City Hall

Present: Agnes Blachut, Diane Dillon, Suzanne Cassagrande, Jackie Hilaire, Gundega Spons,

Lara Holman Garritano, Marica Hefti, Laurel Justice, Pat Orban, Tara Thomas

Absent: Lisa Czelatdko, Sallie Clark, Liz Hunter-Ball

Lara called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM.

Call to Order and Welcome

Approval of July Minutes; tabled pending receipt of minutes.

GOALS/Progress Reports:

Community Ventures Donation (ACTION):

Commissioners reviewed information from Community Ventures on three artworks. Three

bronze sculptures by Kimber Fiebiger from her Humpty Dumpties series were recently donated

to Community Ventures, and are planned for donation to the City. The works are in the process

of being installed above ground level on various downtown buildings, and would be donated to

the City as already installed pieces. Commissioners reviewed the works planned for donation

using established review criteria for donated works. It was noted that one of Fiebiger’s

Humpties is already included in the collection, and that the process for installation has been

developed by a structural engineer and reviewed through Regional Building. Pending an official

donation from Community Ventures, Marica moved that the Commission recommend the City

accept the three pieces for inclusion in the City collection. Laurel seconded the motion, and it

was approved with a vote of 8-0-0.

COPPeR/City Administrative Building Gallery (Report):

It was reported that COPPeR will run an application process for a new gallery space in the City

Administrative Building. Public Art Commissioners will provide input on the selection criteria, and

serve as the jury. Laurel, Marica, Gundega and Tara agreed to serve as jurors for the process.

Waldo Canyon Fire Memorial (Report):

Discussion focused on the idea to create a memorial for the Waldo Canyon Fire victims. A

community effort has begun for a memorial, and Laurel and Pat agreed to represent the PAC in

that conversation. Lara will check in with Matt Mayberry for an update on that effort.

Horticultural Arts Society (HAS) Donation (ACTION):

Jackie reported on a sculpture purchased by HAS and proposed for donation to the City. Jackie

provided some background on the HAS and the sculpture, which was purchased as a memorial

to Elsie Pope. HAS is working with the City’s Parks and Recreation maintenance staff on an

installation plan. Commissioners reviewed the piece planned for donation using established

review criteria for donated works. Two questions were raised: a request for more information

about the artist, and a request for more information on the treatment of the piece in terms of

protective coating. Pending additional information on the above two issues, Tara moved that

the Commission recommend the City accept the piece for inclusion into the City collection.

Diane seconded the motion, and it was approved with a vote of 8-0-0.


Governance (Report):

Lara reported that architect Brian Elyo will be recommended to fill the current vacancy on the


Member Handbook (Discussion):

Discussion tabled until November.

2013 Officer Slate (Discussion):

Laurel reported on the proposed slate of officers for 2013. Liz has agreed to be nominated as

Secretary again in 2013, and Marica has agreed to be nominated as Vice-Chair again in 2013.

Laurel and Tara are considering a proposal to nominate them as Co-Chairs for 2013, and will

meet with Lara for more information. A slate of officers will be presented and voted on at the

November meeting.

State Public Art Network (Report):

Laurel reported on the Colorado State Public Art Administrators (PAA) meeting, facilitated by Jill

Rosenthaler. It was suggested that the PAC could develop a PowerPoint/report on public art in

Colorado Springs, and that the PAC could offer to host one of the PAA meetings.


It was suggested that the report/goals from the PAC’s 2011 strategic planning session be

revisited. It was agreed to include that as an agenda item for the November meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 PM