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Tuesday, March 20, 2012




d.b.a. Public Art Commission of the Pikes Peak Region

Meeting Minutes

March 20, 2012

Pikes Peak Conference Room, City Hall


Present: Gundega Spons, Lara Holman Garritano, Liz Hunter-Ball, Marica Hefti, Pat Orban, Tara Thomas

Absent: Agnes Blachut, Diane Dillon, Laurel Justice, Lisa Czelatdko, Sallie Clark, Suzanne Cassagrande

Guests: Lisbet Rattenborg, Bryson Cassagrande

Lara called the meeting to order at 4:00 PM.

Call to Order and Welcome

Approval of Minutes; we will table until next month when we have a quorum.

Report: Concrete Couch/SCAMP program

Lisbet Rattenborg gave us a handout and presentation. Concrete Couch is a Non-Profit

from Manitou Springs. Currently they are working with Carrie McCausland of The City of

Colorado Springs and working together on 8 mural projects in downtown Colorado Springs.

Some examples include an art bench outside of City Rock, Century Link, and Shooks Run

(possibly some mosaics and painting on high graffiti areas). We talked about effective

anti-graffiti methods. The City is working to canvas areas with flyers to let them know

what is going on and encourage the community to take part. Sidewalk chalk will also be

available. The City is not providing funding but assisting with proper city codes. The

Commission considered the same criteria used for the artwork donation process in

reviewing Concrete Couch’s proposal, and agreed to recommend to the full Commission

that Concrete Couch and the City move forward on the SCAMP program. This

recommendation will be included as a consent agenda item at the April meeting.

Committee Reports

Social Networking

Gundega created a Facebook page however there are challenges with sending invitations

to join. There appears to be a challenge with the “Search” function. Tara has a contact,

Becca, and will coordinate with Gundega. Tara will also try trouble-shooting on the site.

The site can be accessed by going to Art Commission. Please take

some time to look at the page and make any suggestions. Please “Like It”. We’ll talk next

month more on this topic.

2012 Goals/Progress Reports

Promote Art: Public Art Inventory. Pat took photographs of missing art pieces. Lara will

check with Brett to make sure all photos have been posted. Lara wrote descriptions and

took photographs of the El Paso County pieces. The launch party may be scheduled for

May. Lara will get more details as this develops. If you are interested in assisting with the

planning of the party please contact Lara.

More Art:

Yarn Bombing Project Update: Juanita sent an email to Lara that Community Kitchen

at Colorado College will be April 15th from noon – 4:00 PM. This is the first yarn bombing

as part of this project.

Downtown Trees Update: Council Member Czelatdko is looking for artistic solution to

trees that have died. We are still figuring out some possibilities and other artists. Pat

will contact Sean O’Meale.

Cheyenne Village Artwork Update: Lara spoke with Aimee Cox, the staff contact for

City Council. We can update City Council when a new piece has been recommended for

acceptance into the City collection. Lara is waiting to hear if Council would like a written

report or verbal presentation. Lara checked with Steve Wood and he is fine with the site

selection process as we’ve set it up.

New Business

Review of Public Art commission Logo

We will hold this discussion at the next meeting

City Boards/Commissions Structure

Lara met with Aimee Cox, City of Colorado Springs, Susan Edmondson, Bee

Vradenburg Foundation and The Downtown Development Authority, and Matt

Mayberry, Director of the Pioneers Museum and Cultural Centers. There has been

discussion concerning the structure of the City’s boards and commissions. The Art

Commission has been taken off the list of possible board removals. Discussion

followed concerning not having a dedicated City or County staff person. We also

discussed the possibility and strengths of having a staff liaison from either the

Pioneers Museum or City Council. Aimee may be able to present at the April meeting.

Governance: Recruitment

Lara discussed moving Pat to a voting member and see how things move forward.

There are still two alternate positions left to fill.

Commissioner News

Tara reported that the Fine Arts Center is discussing Theater therapy and ceramics

for military.

Next meeting will be April 17, 2012

Meeting adjourned at 5:10 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Liz Hunter-Ball