City of Colorado Springs / Commissions & Committees / Public Safety Sales Tax Oversight Committee

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Committee members in attendance: Joseph Ferri, Debbie Klisch, Ron Ruckdeschel Jake Jacob, Glen Florea, Joe Pelka, Randy Case, Winfield Pate, Marjorie Smith

Committee members absent: Tim Cassibry, Richard Hansen, Daniel Mullin

Others present: Deputy Chief Tommy Smith/CSFD, Deputy Chief Vince Niski/ CSPD, Nancy McCauley/CSPD, Ken Hughlett/CSFD, Jena Rakoczy/CSPD

Call to Order:Meeting was called to order at 4:32 p.m. by Guest Chair J. Pelka.  It was noted that Chair D. Mullin and Vice-Chair T. Cassibry were both unable to attend this meeting; Chair D. Mullin asked J. Pelka to act in their stead. 

Citizen Comment: No citizen comment.

New Members:

It was noted that the Committee had two new members.  They introduced themselves and told the Committee a little about themselves.  G. Florea stated that his is an alternate and a non-voting member of the Committee.  It was noted that he is the first alternate member serving on the Committee.  J. Ferri also introduced himself to the Committee stating he is taking the newly vacated position.  Committee members also introduced themselves to the new members. 

 Approval of Minutes:

MOTION: The corrected minutes from the December 7, 2011 meeting were presented.  W. Pate made a motion to pass these corrected minutes and M. Smith seconded the motion.  The motion passed 7-1. 

The minutes from the February 1, 2012 meeting were presented.  J. Jacob made a motion to pass the minutes and W. Pate seconded.  The motion passed 4-0 with 4 abstaining.

Old Business and Updates:

N. McCauley stated that she would give the updates for Fire and Police as L. Hickey was unable to attend the meeting. 

N. McCauley reviewed the handouts which show the amounts of sales tax that have been collected in January 2012.  She also reviewed and explained the Obligations versus the Budget on the handouts, briefly explaining the departments, etc. on the handouts for the new members.

N. McCauley added that the budget process will be changing after Mayor Bach sets goals for the 2013 budget. 

N. McCauley also gave an E-Citation update.  She stated that the equipment needs had been finalized and there are enough printers for patrol, K-9, COMMIT, TEU, Code Enforcement and the Motors Units.  She gave a short explanation for the new members stating that these were small printers for the cars or hand-held printers for the Motor officers.  It was added that this would benefit all of the patrol officers as they could give tickets/citations in less than 2 minutes.

N. McCauley stated that the project start date is in July or August and the ‘go live’ date is 90 days after the start date. 

V. Niski added that the City Ordinance would need to be changed to now include these devices. He added that the printers are heat printers would print the summonses/traffic tickets.  He added that the information taken at the time of traffic stop would then be sent to the Courts.  He explained that signatures would be required for City Court however they are not required by County Court at this time.  Patrol officers would print two copies – one for the City Court and a hardcopy for signature.  The Motors Unit would print one copy from a handheld device.  V. Niski stated that Officers are very excited about this new system.  It was asked if surrounding agencies had this system; it was unknown if State Patrol had it and El Paso County Sheriff’s Office did not have it yet.

N. McCauley stated that the Police Academy started on January 25th with new recruits and on March 26th six lateral officers started at the Police Academy.

Fire – Station #21 Update

T. Smith stated the money for the upgrades that were to be done at Station #1 were transferred to the Station #21 account.  These monies along with the 3 million dollars which the Committee approved in 2011 would build Station #21. 

T. Smith stated that the Fire Academy started on March 26th with 24 recruits and they would graduate in 16 weeks. 

Discussion & Action Items:

R. Case stated that next month will be the 10th anniversary of the first PSSTOC meeting held in May 2002.  The idea of having a 10-year retrospect summary showing the projects completed with the PSST funds was addressed.  It was added that this would be a good opportunity for citizens to view these projects and those yet to come.   It was suggested having a press release and a gathering with City Council, and both the Fire and Police Departments to present the retrospect summary.  It was decided that Chair D. Mullin would contact City Communications before setting up a meeting. 

Next Meeting Date – June 13, 2012


The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 p.m.


 Notes:  The minutes of the meeting were taken by J. Rakoczy.  Any omissions or corrections should be brought to the Chairperson’s attention at the next PSSTOC meeting.