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Public Safety Sales Tax Oversight Committee - Agenda
Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Public Safety Sales Tax Oversight Committee Meeting

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Committee members in attendance:

Dan Mullin, Winfield Pate, Marjorie Smith, Ron Ruckdeschel, Richard Hansen. 

Committee members absent:  Glen Florea, Tim Cassibry, Debbie Klisch, Joe Ferri, Bernie Herpin.

Others present:  Vince Niski (CSPD), Mark Smith (CSPD), Leslie Hickey (CSFD), Joe Curro (CSPD), Nancy McCauley (CSPD), Ken Hughlett (CSFD), Ken Rankin (CSFD), Lorraine Lawson (CSPD Volunteer).

Call to Order:  D. Mullin called the meeting to order at 4:38 pm.

Citizen Comment:  R. Case, former PSSTOC member, attended the meeting as a citizen.  He came to support the opening on Fire Station 21.  

Approval of Minutes:

April and August minutes will be approved at the next meeting, September 4, 2013, as there was no quorum present.

Business and Updates:  

Updates including budget changes (Budget, Fire, and Police):


·         L. Hickey presented the latest Sales and Use Tax information and reviewed year-to-date 2013 expenditures.

·         She also explained that the CSFD had submitted its 2014 Budget with increased PSST funding for positions related to wild fire mitigation, quartermaster activities, and IT needs, but that more detailed information would be provided when the budget was released in October.



·         M. Smith spoke to the committee about a Patrol Efficiency Study CSPD participated in over the last year.  CSPD contracted with Berkshire Advisors, Inc. to analyze the Patrol Division’s staffing and scheduling (to include the Communications Center); assess use of overtime; and, assess issues related to management.  After a year-long process, in addition to a number of management recommendations, the consultant recommends adding additional sworn and civilian staffing to CSPD’s authorized strength.  M. Smith advised CSPD will request City Council’s approval to add additional staff in the 2014 budget.  PSST funding will be used for a portion of the increase.


·         K. Rankin advised Station 21 is 95% complete.  The asphalt driveway needs some minor maintenance due to amount of rain we have had in recent days.  CSFD hopes to begin running calls out of Station 21 on August 12 but this could be delayed to August 13th or 14th depending on the paving project. 

·         The ventilation project for Station 5 should be completed in early 2014.   K. Rankin received bids from four contractors.  Each contractor has worked with CSFD before so K. Rankin is comfortable using any of them. 

Fleet Services: 

·         N. McCauley advised she spoke with the Deputy City Attorney, Tom Florczak, regarding the status of the fleet outsourcing contract.  T. Florczak is responsible for negotiating the details of the contract.  N. McCauley shared the Committee’s concern about the contract and forwarded a copy of the memo written by M. Smith outlining those concerns.  T. Florczak confirmed receipt of the memo and advised that nothing about the contract violates the ballot initiative/language surrounding the Public Safety Sales Tax.  He also confirmed that only public safety vehicles will be maintained at buildings funded by PSST. 

Members Discussion:

·         R. Ruckdeschel wanted to share his concern about Staff not sharing information about the City’s compensation study with the Committee.  L. Hickey advised that Staff did not have information regarding the compensation study until the day it was presented to City Council and, therefore, would not have had significant information to share with the Committee. Staff requested clarification about the types of information the Committee would like to receive and Staff was advised that, whenever in doubt, it should contact the Chairperson for guidance.  Should the Chairperson determine the information should be discussed/considered by the Committee, he/she will call a meeting. 

·         This meeting was R. Hansen’s last meeting.  The Committee and Staff thanked him for his service.

Next meeting date September 4, 2013


The meeting ended at 6:00 pm.

Notes:  The minutes of the meeting were taken by L. Lawson.  Any omissions or corrections should be brought to the Chairperson’s attention at the next PSSTOC meeting.